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What is Your Inspiring Ikigai?

Budapest: One City, 12th time of Vacation Experiences

Put simply, it’s the reason you get up in the morning.

I am the 12th time in Budapest, what is my inspiration method of happiness in Budapest? Ikigai – The Japanese word ikigai is formed of two Japenese characters, “iki”  (生き), meaning life, and “gai”  (甲斐), meaning the value of life, happiness in life.

Ikigai for Budapest

Life in Budapest, be pragmatic rather than simply idealistic. The community is their family, work, hobby, a bit social a photography trip they have planned for the weekend, even something as simple as a cup of morning coffee also scheduled, timed, systemed, taking their dog out for a walk, everything is planned for daily life. Greetings from paradise.


56 photos & 18 things to inspire you to get away to Budapest

1. Graphisoft Park

I am feeling a deeper sense in Graphisoft Park and one of the best places in Budapest. Why?

Cubic Rubik is there, I love to make it. I will share my next blogs how can you make Rubik’s Cube, methods, and algorithms.

Who is invented?
Rubik Ernő, the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube
Rubik Ernő was born in 1944 during World War II. He is a
Hungarian inventor, architect, and professor of architecture.

Graphisoft Park is a bit like Silicon Valley, the biggest companies have been there. The List of Companies and University

1. Microsoft
2. SAP
3. Canon
4. DIGIC Pictures
5. ThalesNano
7. IBS – International Business School 

Actually, when I did make lunch with Employee in Microsoft, I understand that if you have a goal or something to look forward to, then – even if you feel that you’re not in a good place right now – you are more likely to be able to see your current situation or circumstances as a pathway towards future and to find value in the present moment, they monthly are salary 2000 + euro, bicycles, simple t-shirts, simple eatings, is daily life, that’s a good thing. “Mindfulness & Livin in the Moments”  – We live like tuna fish – as though we would die if we were to stop moving!


2.  Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square (Hosök tere), which marks the end of Andrássy Avenue is home to an iconic monument which features depictions of the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars, who are believed to have led the Hungarian people from central Asia to the Carpathian basin.

3.  Margaret Island

There are a number of companies which rent pedal carts, golf carts, and other self-powered vehicles so that you can explore the island properly. A rubber-coated 5.5 km running track encircles the island and is a popular jogging spot for runners who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the most famous features of the island is the “music fountain”, from which water regularly “dances” in time to classical music.

4. Hungarian Parliament Building

Although the impressive building looks fantastic from every angle, to see the whole building in its full glory, it is worth viewing it from the other side of the Danube. You will need identification to get in, and your bag may be searched on entry. Tours of certain areas of the building are available daily and run in different languages.



5. Gellért Baths

One of the grandest spas in the city is the Gellert Bath and Spa center, which includes an open-air pool (which turns into a wave pool), an effervescent swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, and a range of other saunas and plunge pools.

Massages and other spa treatments are also available at an extra fee.  The whole spa was extensively renovated in 2008 to bring the baths back to their former glory. The baths are open all week for mixed bathing.

6. Danube Promenade

This stretch of the Danube walkway goes from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge and is perfect for those who want a short, but interesting walk. Looking over towards to Buda side of the river, you will see the Buda Castle, the Liberty Statue on Gellert Hill and the Fisherman’s Bastion. On the Promenade side of the river, you can enjoy restaurants, cafes, Szechenyi Istvan Square and a range of different sculptures, including the Little Princess.

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